West Bowles Community Church

West Bowles Community Church


The West Bowles Team

Nathan Harrison
Lead Pastor

  • Nickname: “Honey” (from wife), “Dad” (from kids), “Young” (from parents), “Old” (from the youth)…why can’t I just be called “Awesome”?!?
  • Favorite Food: Watermelon
  • Favorite Author: Paul Tripp, Brennan Manning, Bob Goff
  • Hobbies: Reading, movies, exercise

Dave Beatty
Administrative Pastor

  • Nickname: Dave
  • Favorite Food: Chile Rellenos
  • Book/Author: A.B. Bruce, Training of the 12
  • Hobbies: Working for my wife

Melanie Dykes
Office Administration

  • Nickname: Mel
  • Food: Anything with green chilies
  • Book/Author: Autobiographies, Eric & Lesie Ludy and Ridley Pearson
  • Hobbies: Travel planning, making photobooks/scrapbooks of travel adventures and watching movies with my family.

Charlene Couser
Director of Care Ministries

  • Nickname: Char
  • Food: Sushi
  • Book/Author: Max Lucado
  • Hobbies: Hanging out with family and friends, going on walks, & knitting

Charity Kettl
Children's Ministry Director

  • Nickname: Char (pronounced like chair)
  • Food: EVERYTHING, but especially tacos
  • Book/Author: Harry Potter series, A Twisted Tale series, Wings of Fire Series, Prince Warrior series. Apparently my reading list matches that of a pre-teen.
  • Hobbies: scrapbooking, crochet, crafting

David Perez
Associate Minister

  • Nickname: D and Pepe
  • Food: Mexican food, watermelon, ice cream, spicy food, ice cream, pizza, oh and did I mention ice cream?
  • Book/Author: N.T Wright, Tim Keller, Donald Miller, and Reaching Out by Henri Nouwen
  • Hobbies: Spending time with my wife, working out, playing sports, games, concerts, watching the Lakers dominate, and hanging out with friends

Matt Larsen
Youth Director

  • Nickname: Matt
  • Food: NY Strip Steak, medium rare
  • Book/Author: The Great Divorce by C.S Lewis, Welcome to Adulting by Jonathan Pokluda, Wild at Heart by John Eldredge
  • Hobbies: Coffee meetups, pickleball, spikeball, camping, ultimate frisbee, board games, and Formula 1 

Jon Burns
Director of Operations

  • Nickname: Jonny Boy
  • Food: Steak, Mexican, Seafood, Hamburgers
  • Book/Author: Screwtape Letters, CS Lewis
  • Hobbies: Boating, Skiing, Watching movies, Hanging with my family

Kayla Heinzen
Hospitality Director

  • Nickname: K or KK
  • Food: Seafood and Steak
  • Book/Author: Andy Stanley
  • Hobbies: Traveling to ANY beach, spending time with family and friends, reading, music, cake decorating, and board games

Lisa Beatty
Women’s Ministry

  • Food: A good steak and baked potato
  • Book/Author: John Eldridge/Waking the Dead
  • Hobbies: Hanging with my hubby, Knitting

Graham Stookey
Worship Ministry

  • Nickname:  Grambo
  • Food: Cinnamon Rolls, of course
  • Book/Author: Apart from the Word… most impactful and edifying: All of Grace by Charles Spurgeon, Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem, Desiring God by John Piper, and many more. I especially love the Great Awakening writers and many works of the Puritans.
  • Hobbies: Fly fishing, snowboarding, grilling, playing guitar