West Bowles Community Church

West Bowles Community Church


We Are West Bowles

The story of West Bowles is one of God’s goodness, grace, mercy, and faithfulness. God has been with this church from the day it first started, and we believe He’s truly with us now. The church officially began on September 21, 1985 at Columbine Hills Elementary as “Family of Faith Evangelical Presbyterian.” At that time, several families came together because they felt the need to share Christ with the rapidly-growing west side of Denver.

Several events have shaped the church in the years that have followed:

  • 1986

    The church moved to Chatfield High School where it met each and every week for over 5 years.

  • 1991

    The church purchased the farmhouse (current property) and changed its name to West Bowles Community Church.

  • 1996

    West Bowles was ministering to over 1000 people in 3 services in the “little white chapel.”

  • 1997

    The current main sanctuary & church building was built.

  • 1999

    West Bowles was deeply impacted by the Columbine High School shootings. Several students from the the church youth group were in the school at during the shooting, and actually lost one student to this horrific tragedy: Cassie Bernall.

  • 1999-2001

    During that time, as well as during the aftermath of the 2001 terrorist attacks, West Bowles experienced tremendous growth, ministering to the surrounding community.

  • 2002

    West Bowles was ministering to around 1800 people every Sunday.

  • 2003

    In a mutual agreement, West Bowles and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church parted ways. The church became a nondenominational, community church.

  • 2020-2021

    Through all of the challenges of COVID, God has faithfully sustained us as we enter a new season!

We’re proud of our past and grateful that God has faithfully led us through the good times and the challenging times. We love to look back, but we’re most excited about what lies ahead. With an incredible staff, a phenomenal facility, and a congregation that truly has a heart for God and for others, the sky is the limit for this church.

We’d be honored to have you as part of the body of Jesus here!